TCG Blog (or Salt)

Welcome to the Blog section of our website. To start out with, I think it important to identify the raison d’etre for this blog so that readers will have an idea of what to expect when they visit. The TCG Blog will be a virtual space where insights gleaned from the job site will be shared and explained. When new materials, methods, and systems are encountered, one can expect to read about it here. I hope to share with you tips and strategies for navigating a construction project in the hope that your next project runs that much more smoothly. I will write about the importance for structured change management, how to avoid the pitfalls of scope creep, price creep, and schedules that run way out of control.

I intend to update the TCG Blog every fortnight starting with this introduction. So you can expect to see some twenty six posts per year. Look for an updated essay on the second Thursday as it is a day I dedicate to the office. Should some event of significance occur, such as the recent flooding experienced in Southern Alberta, then I will update the TCG Blog outside of that fixed schedule.

Finally, the hook. In answer to your question, “Why would I want to commit five minutes of my day to reading your perspectives of the construction industry?” I offer the following. I have been committed full time to the construction industry for the last fifteen and a half years and in that time have come across many of trials and conundrums that you may be facing today. I have the field experience required to both understand and explain job site and project pitfalls. Total Construction Group has the benefit of preforming both commercial and residential projects from which much of this blogs content will derive from. I can express myself in such a way that a layperson can understand the issues without feeling that they are being talked down to. And I intend to share with you the contracting experience as honestly as I can. I hope you will find that these essays are ‘worth their salt’.


Trevor Schulz

Total Construction Group

With special thanks to the folks at FusedLogic for making this possible.